B100 - SOS Alert Call Button

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Technical Specifications

Simplicity meets purpose

The B100 is an simple yet essential device for emergency situations. This SOS switch is designed to send an alert to the main security panel and notify the user's phone when pressed, making it an ideal tool for anyone who may need help quickly. With the B100, you can rest assured that help is just a button press away. The device is compact, easy to use, and designed with the user's safety and convenience in mind. Whether you're at home or on-the-go, the B100 is an essential tool for ensuring your safety and well-being in case of an emergency.




48*76*11mm / 1.88*3*0.43inch



Battery Life

2 Years

Detection Distance

200m / 656 ft

Quick Features

Battery Alert

SOS Function

Wireless Notification

Easy To Use

The smart way to stay safe

Staniot B100 sos switch button sitting on top of kitchen counter with black stool in front, grey potted plant in the background.


Working distance

Reliable security when needed most


Simple design

Easy functions and direct signals

Works with

Home Figure Diagram

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Staniot smart security system & accessories axonometric diagram view inside home floor plan

B100 - SOS Alert Call Button

A smart single button switch used to transmit an SOS notification to the main security panel and mobile groups, commonly used by the elderly in case of emergency

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