SecPanel 5 4G - Intelligent Security Solution

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Bundle: Panel only
Plug Type: US

Technical Specifications

Ultimate Home Protection With Portable Smart Functionality.

The Secpanel 5 security alarm panel is a cutting-edge device that offers a range of features to protect your home or office. Its touch screen display provides easy access to the system controls, while the integrated battery allows for convenient portability. The panel comes with a built-in stand, ensuring that it stays securely in place when placed on tables or other surfaces. The LED indicator provides real-time updates on the system status, so you always know that your property is protected. Upgrade to the Secpanel 5 security alarm panel for enhanced convenience and security.


Secpanel 5


1 Year Limited Warranty & Free replacement


120*105*15.5mm / 4.7"x4.1"x0.61"


4.3-Inch IPS full-color display

Battery Life

3.7V 1500mAh LIB / 110min power time

Bundle Accessories

Secpanel 5

PIR Sensor

Magcomic Sensor


Wall Adaptor

Micro USB Cable


Unparalleled Protection for Peace of Mind

Staniot Sec Panel 7 on top of large white table next to a remote control


mAh Battery

Extended working life of up to 2 hours with a single charge, when not plugged in.


Call Functions

Now capable of receiving and making phone calls directly from the smart interface.

Works with


Wireless device management

Away Arm and Disarm Your Security System with Ease

Experience the pinnacle of smart home security with SecPanel 5. Operate, arm, or disarm your security system effortlessly from anywhere using your mobile device. Enjoy the convenience of managing your home's security through a single user-friendly app. With SecPanel 5, peace of mind is just a tap away, keeping you in control and your home safe, no matter where you are. Embrace the power of wireless security for ultimate peace of mind.


Simplified Setup and Operation

Protect Your Home the Easy Way

Setting up and managing your home security has never been easier. Say goodbye to confusing installations and the need for technical know-how. With SecPanel 5, you're in control, and you'll be surprised at how effortlessly you can safeguard your home.

No need to call in the experts - SecPanel 5's user-friendly approach makes it a breeze to set up and operate. Clear, step-by-step instructions guide you through the process, ensuring you're ready to protect your home in no time. Managing your security system is as simple as a few taps on your mobile device, no matter where you are.


No added cost


Experience peace of mind knowing your home is secure, without being tied down by monthly expenses. With DIY installation, you can easily set up the system in minutes without the need for professional assistance.


Security, Tailored Your Way

With our advanced security systems, we empower you to curate a personalised setup by handpicking the ideal accessories. Embrace the freedom of customisation and enjoy a security solution that caters specifically to you.

I'm so glad I decided to purchase Secpanel 5. The device has exceeded my expectations in every way.

Sofia A.

I highly recommend Secpanel 5 to anyone who wants to feel more secure in their home. The device is easy to install and use, and the built-in siren is incredibly loud.

James L.

I love how easy it is to use. The indicator status lets me know exactly what's going on with my home at all times, making it easy to stay on top of things.

David K.

Home Figure Diagram

Illustrative location/use case of smart devices positioned into a home

View additional Accessories
Staniot smart security system & accessories axonometric diagram view inside home floor plan

PIR100 - Infrared Motion Detector

Smart infrared motion device that pushes notifications / engages alarm when movement is detected

R01 - Wireless mini remote

Pairs with main security panel enabling wireless operations of alarm/disarm/SOS functions with a press of a button

DS100 - Window & Door Entry Sensor

A window/door sensor alarm is a security device that detects when a door or window is opened or closed. It uses a magnet and a switch to trigger an alarm when the door or window is opened, providing an effective way to secure your home.

H502 - Smart Security Display

Master console that manages all other smart accessories and pushes notifications to your mobile device. All smart settings and arm features can be switched from this device.

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