SK030 - Smart Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

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Technical Specifications

Prevents Fires Before They Happen

The SK030 is a smart wireless photoelectric smoke detector that easily integrates with all Secpanel security systems and sends alerts to your phone for added peace of mind. Its advanced sensors provide accurate detection of smoke and other fire-related hazards, while an auto-check is performed every 24h for low battery status. An essential device for anyone looking to enhance the safety and security of their home, business or office.




110*110*42mm / 4.3"x4.3"x1.65"


DC 3V battery (non-replaceable)

Battery Life

10 Years

Sound Intensity


Quick Features

Battery Alert

High Decibel

Easy Installation

10-Year Battery


Proactive Measures for Fireproof Spaces

Staniot SK030, Smart Photoelectric Smoke Alarm positioned on ceiling with wooden drawers appearing near the back


Auto-Checking Chip

Wireless connectivity with remote alerts & auto battery checkup.


DIY Installation

No industry-professionals required, simply attach and connect.

Home Figure Diagram

Illustrative location/use case of smart devices positioned into a home

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Staniot smart security system & accessories axonometric diagram view inside home floor plan

SK030 - Smart Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

Smoke alarm sending notifications when excess amount of smoke or fire is detected. Generally positioned on ceiling between kitchen and living areas

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