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Technical Specifications

The Smart Switch that Elevates Your Home Automation

Upgrade your home with the innovative ZBMINI-L2 wireless smart switch. This compact device effortlessly converts existing home switches into wireless ones, adding a touch of smartness to your living space. Its small size allows easy placement behind conventional switches without altering aesthetics. Control lights remotely, manage appliances, create personalised smart scenes, and enjoy seamless voice control with popular voice assistants. Experience a new level of convenience and flexibility, now compatible with Zigbee, empowering you to create a truly connected and intelligent home without compromising on design or functionality.




39*32*18mm / 1.54"x1.26"x0.71"


Smart switch module


100-240V AC 50/60Hz 6A Max

Max. Load

Resistive load: 6A Max
LED 150W Max @100V, 300W Max @240V

Included In the box




The Smart Choice for Your Home


Wall Mounting

Fits in most wall fittings. EU-round, 86-type, 120-type


Control Features

Easily interact with connected devices from multiple locations

Works with


Streamlined Installation

Remarkably compact and discreet. This mini module effortlessly fits behind existing switches, turning them into intelligent controls for your entire home. With a user-friendly DIY installation process which does not require a neutral wire, you can effortlessly upgrade your home without the need for professional assistance.

Your Switch, Upgraded

Designed to fit seamlessly into almost any existing wall fitting. Say goodbye to outdated switches, as the ZBMINIL2 effortlessly converts them into modern, smart controls. From rocker type to push-buttons, upgrade your switches with ease and unlock the power of smart living.


Voice-Controlled Prompts

Seamlessly compatible with smart voice prompts, granting you full control over your lights and appliances. Picture effortlessly dimming the lights for a cozy movie night, turning off appliances before leaving the house, or adjusting the ambiance with a simple voice prompt. No more fumbling for switches or apps—just let your voice lead the way.

Quick Access


Download the eWeLink app


Install and power on the device


Open eWeLink app, and tap the "Add" icon on the ZB Bridge interface to add the ZBMINIL2


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