SecPanel 3 - Smart Security Panel

Sale price$108.30
Bundle: Panel only
Mobile Standard: 2.4G Wifi
Plug Type: US

Technical Specifications

Effortless Home Security at Your Fingertips with Comprehensive All-Round Features

Introducing the Secpanel 3 Security Panel - the compact solution for modern home security. With its sleek design and 4.3 inch touch display, the device seamlessly integrates into your home. Built-in lithium battery ensures continuous protection, while wifi connectivity and mobile app control offer easy access from anywhere. Now compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for added convenience. Choose the Secpanel 3 Security Panel for a smarter, safer home.


Secpanel 3


1 Year Limited Warranty & Free replacement


120*98*12mm / 4.7"x3.85"x0.47"


4.3-Inch IPS full-color display

Battery Life

3.7V 1200mAh LIB / 90min power time

Bundle Accessories

Secpanel 3

PIR Sensor

Magcomic Sensor



Wall Adaptor

Micro USB Cable


A Leap Forward in Home Security

Staniot SecPanel 3 HD Smart security device plugged at wall via usb cable next to two rectangular light switches


Accessory Support

Now capable of working with a wider range of surveillance monitors.


Display Panel

Touch sensitive and ultra responsive feedback with new auto-updating 2.0 firmware.

Works with


Arm and Disarm Your Home on the Go

Arm, Disarm, and Monitor with Ease! With the Secpanel 3, you can take complete control of your home security using just your phone. Whether you're at the office, out shopping, or miles away on vacation, conveniently arm and disarm your system in an instant, ensuring your home is safeguarded at all times. Stay informed about every sensor's status with real-time updates and alerts right on your mobile device.


Integrate Smart Scenes into Your Schedule

With our cutting-edge systems, you gain the power to automate tasks and effortlessly orchestrate your smart devices. Experience the convenience of setting up personalised scenes that auto-trigger based on a variety of triggers like time, location, sensor inputs, and more. No more worrying about forgetting to set the alarm – our seamless automation takes care of it all, so you can focus on your day ahead with confidence.


Cutting Costs, Not Corners!

Discover our hassle-free solutions designed for homeowners seeking peace of mind without the complexities. All our security products can be set up in under 30 minutes, empowering you to protect your home on your terms.


Security, Tailored Your Way

With our advanced security systems, we empower you to curate a personalised setup by handpicking the ideal accessories. Embrace the freedom of customisation and enjoy a security solution that caters specifically to you.

Find Your System
If you're looking for a user-friendly home security device, you can't go wrong with Secpanel 3.

Liam W.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to set up Secpanel 3. With reliable motion detection, it's already saved me hundreds in potential losses.

Arthur K.

I can finally rest easy knowing our home is secure. A perfect choice for anyone who values simplicity and peace of mind.

Raj N.

Home Figure Diagram

Illustrative location/use case of smart devices positioned into a home

View additional Accessories
Staniot smart security system & accessories axonometric diagram view inside home floor plan

PIR100 - Infrared Motion Detector

Smart infrared motion device that pushes notifications / engages alarm when movement is detected

R01 - Wireless mini remote

Pairs with main security panel enabling wireless operations of alarm/disarm/SOS functions with a press of a button

DS100 - Window & Door Entry Sensor

A window/door sensor alarm is a security device that detects when a door or window is opened or closed. It uses a magnet and a switch to trigger an alarm when the door or window is opened, providing an effective way to secure your home.

H501 - Smart Security Display

Master console that manages all other smart accessories and pushes notifications to your mobile device. All smart settings and arm features can be switched from this device.

SR100 - Mini Wired Alarm Siren Speaker

The SR100 is a powerful security speaker that enhances the sound of your security system. This compact wired siren connects to your security system via a jack cable, and amplifies the system's sound to an even louder level, making it easier to hear from further distances.

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