SecPanel 7 - Smart Security Panel

Sale price¥30,600
Bundle: Panel only
Plug Type: US

Technical Specifications

The ultimate home security just got even better

Discover the future of security with the Secpanel 7. Boasting an expansive 7-inch screen display, navigating your security system has never been easier or more intuitive. The device seamlessly integrates with a multitude of security sensors to create a comprehensive shield of protection for your home. Equipped with a powerful 117dB siren, it ensures instant attention when triggered. With its high-capacity 5000mAh battery, your security remains unyielding, even during prolonged power outages. Upgrade to the Secpanel 7 and take control of your security today.


Secpanel 7


1 Year Limited Warranty & Free replacement


183*135*18mm / 7.2"x5.3x0.7"


3.7V 5000mAh Built-in


7-inch IPS Full-Color HD display

Bundle Accessories

Secpanel 7

PIR Sensor

Magcomic Sensor


Wall Adaptor

Type-C Cable


Enhanced newly updated UI & Features

Staniot SecPanel 7  security display on top of an oak and steel round table with a large potted plant and chair appearing in the background


HD color display

With ultra sharp clean image abd advanced UI / speed


Extensive Battery

Powering the security panel across multiple rooms & locations

Works with



Be Connected when Events Happen

Experience seamless and immediate connection with two-way communication features. Stay linked to crucial moments as they unfold, enabling you to speak with others in real-time when events happen. Whether it's monitoring your home's security or staying in touch with loved ones, our system ensures you are always just a voice away from staying informed and engaged, enhancing your peace of mind and overall security.


SMS & Call Alerts

Your Personalized 4G Contact Network

You can now, conveniently set up to five phone numbers within the security panel for personalised protection. When an intruder attempts to breach your home, the SecPanel 7 leaps into action, swiftly sending text messages to your designated phone numbers. Simultaneously, it initiates phone calls to each of the programmed contacts one by one, ensuring that you and your trusted circle receive immediate and reliable alerts.



Experience peace of mind knowing your home is secure, without being tied down by monthly expenses. With DIY installation, you can easily set up the system in minutes without the need for professional assistance.


Security, Tailored Your Way

With our advanced security systems, we empower you to curate a personalised setup by handpicking the ideal accessories. Embrace the freedom of customisation and enjoy a security solution that caters specifically to you.

"The 7-inch touch screen display is major upgrade from other security systems I've owned. The images are crystal-clear, and the touch screen is so responsive. It's easy to use, even for my elderly parents."

Maria S.

"Quick reception. Quality product, simple and fast installation"

Kelly R.

"The UI is very easy to use & look at with all major features available in the home screen. It sits very nicely both mounted on a wall and on top of a table. Excellent"

Ross K.

Home Figure Diagram

Illustrative location/use case of smart devices positioned into a home

View additional Accessories
Staniot smart security system & accessories axonometric diagram view inside home floor plan

PIR100 - Infrared Motion Detector

Smart infrared motion device that pushes notifications / engages alarm when movement is detected

R01 - Wireless mini remote

Pairs with main security panel enabling wireless operations of alarm/disarm/SOS functions with a press of a button

DS100 - Window & Door Entry Sensor

A window/door sensor alarm is a security device that detects when a door or window is opened or closed. It uses a magnet and a switch to trigger an alarm when the door or window is opened, providing an effective way to secure your home.

H700 - Smart Security Display

Master console that manages all other smart accessories and pushes notifications to your mobile device. All smart settings and arm features can be switched from this device.

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