PIR100 - Infrared Motion Detector

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Technical Specifications

Simplified Motion Detection for Total Home Security

The PR100 captures movement from up to 12 meters away, giving you a wide detection range and ensuring that you're always alerted to potential intruders. Featuring a robust 110° degree angle of coverage, the PR100 can detect motion from a variety of different angles, providing you with complete peace of mind and the confidence to know that your property is always secure. Plus, with its pet immune design, this sensor won't trigger false alarms when small *pets under 15kg move around your space.

*Intense activity may still trigger the device occasionally depending on distance, angle & motion of pet.




53*103*35mm / 2.08"x4.05"x1.37"


AA battery ×2

Battery Life

1-3 Years

Detection Angle

90°-115° Degree *subject to distance

Quick Features

Battery Alert

Motion Detection

Wide Angle

Pet Immune

Precision Movement Detection Solution

PIR Motion Sensor positioned on white smooth wall looking towards the right, with soft overlay outdoor shadows


Wide-Angle Detection

No blind spots, secures every corner with accuracy.


Mount Bracket

Easy placement with adjustable all round manual rotation.

Works with

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PIR100 - Infrared Motion Detector

Smart infrared motion device that pushes notifications / engages alarm when movement is detected

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