K010 - RFID Wireless Alarm Touch Pad

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Technical Specifications

Improved Usability With Remote Features

The K010, a wireless touch-sensitive keypad, designed to enhance your home security system's functionality. With its easy-to-use touchpad, you can arm, disarm, and unlock your security panels from outside your home. This device is perfect for positioning at your front door, providing quick access to your security system. Plus, the K010 is compatible with compact & easy to carry RFID tags, which allow you to unlock the device without entering a password. Lastly, the keypad can also be used as a doorbell, so you can have peace of mind knowing you can keep track of who's at your door. Trust the K010 for taking your home security to the next level.




137*88*17mm / 5.4"x3.4"x0.67"


3.7V 500mAh LIB

RFID Protocol

125KHz, 4100/4200

RFID Card Limit


Quick Features

Battery Alert

Door Bell


Easy Installation

Smart Home Security Solutions

Staniot K010, RFID Wireless Alarm Touch Pad near home door entry with green vegetation on the far left



Effortless access for your entire family with quick tag technology.


Backlit Screen

Simple & efficient usability with discreet features for day and night.

Works with

Home Figure Diagram

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K010 - RFID Wireless Alarm Touch Pad

Wireless outdoor device with multiple smart features for arming or disarming your home with a touch of a RFID tag seamlessly.

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