SecBox 3 - Automated Safety

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Bundle: Panel only
Plug Type: US

Technical Specifications

Unmatched Security in One Panel, Seamlessly Integrated & Fully Featured

Experience the ultimate in home security with the H300 Security Box, the advanced and versatile solution for modern households. With its ultra-thin and minimalist design, the Secbox 3 blends seamlessly into your home, providing discreet yet powerful protection against potential security breaches. Equipped with a built-in lithium battery, the Secbox 3 ensures continuous monitoring with indicative lights that keep you informed of any unusual activity. From remote arming & disarming to setting customised alerts, It's range of features are designed to keep you connected and secure.


Secbox 3


1 Year Limited Warranty & Free replacement


80*80*10mm / 3.15"x3.15x0.39"

Battery Life

3.7V 320mAh LIB / 70min power time



Bundle Accessories

Secbox 3

PIR Sensor

Magcomic Sensor

Door Bell


Wall Adaptor

Micro USB Cable


Seamless Home Security Integration

SecBox 3 smart security system attached on smooth grey wall next to a dark grey wooden door on the left and two steel rectangular light switches on far right


Wall Thickness

Minimalistic design with narrow width for low-profile installation.


Accessory Support

Pairs with an extensive number of security sensors for all-round home protection.

Works with


Your Home, Your Way

Total Control, Anywhere, Anytime

Transform your mobile device into a powerful control center for your smart home with SmartThings. Seamlessly manage up to 50 connected devices from the comfort of your fingertips. From arming your security system to disarming it, SmartThings empowers you to effortlessly handle your home's functionalities remotely.


Effortless Home Solutions

No Professional Costs

Our user-friendly setups, allow you to install and link everything together in just 30 minutes.
Enjoy peace of mind with easy-to-use, DIY security that puts you in control.


Security, Tailored Your Way

With our advanced security systems, we empower you to curate a personalised setup by handpicking the ideal accessories. Embrace the freedom of customisation and enjoy a security solution that caters specifically to you.

"The H300 Security Box was easy to set up and use, and its built-in battery ensures continuous protection"

George G.

"The H300 is a great investment for anyone looking for a simple yet effective security solution"

Steven S.

"A great little device. Loud enough to deter any potential intruders and gives me a sense of security in my home"

David A.

Home Figure Diagram

Illustrative location/use case of smart devices positioned into a home

View additional Accessories
Staniot smart security system & accessories axonometric diagram view inside home floor plan

PIR100 - Infrared Motion Detector

Smart infrared motion device that pushes notifications / engages alarm when movement is detected

R01 - Wireless mini remote

Pairs with main security panel enabling wireless operations of alarm/disarm/SOS functions with a press of a button

DS100 - Window & Door Entry Sensor

A window/door sensor alarm is a security device that detects when a door or window is opened or closed. It uses a magnet and a switch to trigger an alarm when the door or window is opened, providing an effective way to secure your home.

H300 - Smart Security Display

Master console that manages all other smart accessories and pushes notifications to your mobile device. All smart settings and arm features can be switched from this device.

B100 - Wireless Door Bell

Smart door bell that pushes notification to your mobile device and security panel once pressed

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