SecCube 3 - RIFD Alarm Box

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Technical Specifications

Your Swift Solution to Home Security with RFID Ease

Discover SecCube 3, the advanced home security system designed for effortless protection. With its large 1000mAh battery, USB-C charging, and simple operation, you can rest assured knowing your home is safeguarded, even during power outages. Utilize RFID tags for convenient arm and disarm access while benefiting from seamless Tuya and smart home app connectivity for remote control and management. Upgrade to SecCube 3 and experience peace of mind like never before.


SecCube 3


80x80x80mm / 3.15x3.15x3.15Inches

Battery Life

1000mAH / ~12 Hours Standby Time

Wireless Parameters

433Mhz, eV1527

Wifi Protocol

IEEE802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz

Bundle Accessories


SecCube 3

PIR Sensor

Magcomic Sensor




Wall Adaptor

USB-C Cable


Seamless Home Security Integration

1000 mAh

Battery Capacity

Uninterrupted use even during power shortages.

96 +

Accessory Support

Pairs with an extensive number of security sensors for all-round home protection.

Works with


Your Home, Your Way

Total Control, Anywhere, Anytime

Transform your mobile device into a powerful control center for your smart home with SmartThings. Effortlessly oversee a network of up to 96 linked sensors, all at your fingertips. Whether it's activating your security system or deactivating it, SecCube 3 empowers you to effortlessly manage your home's protected areas from a distance.



You now have the convenience of swiftly arming and disarming your alarm using the provided RFID cards, ensuring effortless access control.



At the top, a multi-function button allows for easy basic operations of the device with just a few clicks, ensuring simplicity and convenience for users.



The back of the device boasts an array of user-friendly features, including power and Wi-Fi connection buttons, along with a USB-C cable socket for rapid charging, ensuring effortless functionality.


Effortless Home Solutions

No Professional Costs

Our user-friendly setups, allow you to install and link everything together in just 30 minutes.
Enjoy peace of mind with easy-to-use, DIY security that puts you in control.


Security, Tailored Your Way

With our advanced security systems, we empower you to curate a personalised setup by handpicking the ideal accessories. Embrace the freedom of customisation and enjoy a security solution that caters specifically to you.

Have a question? We're here to help.

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